About the Summit

Whitecap Resort & Conference Center, Upson, WI

Whitecap Resort & Conference Center, Upson, WI

WHEN: Friday and Saturday, September 20-21, 2013

WHERE: Whitecap Resort & Conference Center, 9106 West County Road E, Upson, WI
directions here

WHAT: Two days of experience and education on protecting the Bad River Watershed, Lake Superior and the Penokee Hills.

Includes the First Annual Penokee Hills Potluck Harvest Feast on Saturday evening that is free and open to the public.

WHO: Sponsored by the Penokee Hills Education Project and LCO Harvest Education Project (formerly Harvest Camp)

Includes Friday opening ceremony 1 PM and 1:30 tour of the Penokees, afternoon music, two bag lunches and Friday Night First Annual Water Awards Dinner, and all of Saturday panels. See full schedule here.

John Morrow, Mat White, George Morrow III & Michael Sullivan, Sr.

John Morrow, Mat White, George Morrow III & Michael Sullivan, Sr.

Free and Open to the Public
Includes donations from area tribes of venison, wild rice, bison and fry bread. Bring a dish. Singers, drums, dancers, celebration! Read more here.

Register here and join us to help stand strong to protect the water.


8 thoughts on “About the Summit

  1. This is so important for all of us who live in this area!! We need to be educated so we can properly educate others who want to know more about our Watershed and Lake Superior! Educated people do make a difference!!!

  2. We have a room booked at White Cap for Fri & Sat. Provided the weather co-operates, well ride up on Thursday and visit with Melvin and all. There will be No mine!
    John & Jeannie Endrizzi

  3. What an amazing event. Unfortunately i am (once again) working all weekend. Barb, can folks just take the tour with Pete and Bill? That would be my only avail time. Rats. I plan to donate again. Thanks for all you and so many others have done~ with their words, actions, talents,passions…FOR so many! Hugs, positive thoughts in all you do. Jayne Hogfeldt

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